Back Office Software

Casio Back Office Software
There are many features within the Casio software & 2 versions of this software the  “Lite”  version  &  the  “Full stock control”  version
With the full stock control version of this software you can set up product compositions for food  &  drink items,  so you can work out accurately your cost for each sales item.

Purchase orders,  stock delivery notes,  suppliers details with last costs from each supplier.
Fully programmable keyboard  &  menu’s help make setting up the Casio till very easy from the back office.
The  “Lite”  version of this software does not have the stock control, menu composition, purchase orders  &  delivery notes.
There are many reports with this system  &  once you have read back your sales figures to your computer then all that data is available in all the reports.
With a left click of the mouse you have many more options available within the product price change screen.

Samstock Software
This software offers a lot of flexibility with the choices of POS till systems that can be used with this software.
There are many reports available within this package.

Samstock product set-up / editing screen.
Multiple price levels, tax rates, costs & profit margins are just some of the features of this software.
Locations specific products help with multi-site set-up.