POS Systems

We have POS Systems from Casio,  Sam4's,  ICR  &  our own Windows POS App   &  ipad POS App.

Our Windows & ipad Apps can work separately or together in the same location so you can have any combination of Windows touch screens EPOS terminals, Windows tablets,  ipads  &  ipad mini’s all working together in the same location. 

Our system does NOT require an off-line server or a Windows PC in the back office to keep the system working.
Our system works both on-line & off-line, if there is no internet available for 5 minutes or 5 months our ipad & Windows App cloud system will store all the sales & report data & then when the internet is available then all the sales & report data will be sent to your cloud account.

Casio  back office software works with the QT6100 touch screen range & offers full program functionality for the touch screen products, menu’s, clerks, dropdown screens & clerk controls. 
You can read you sales figures back from a back office computer & all data can then be viewed at your leisure.

Sam4's  Samstock software works on both Windows PC touch screen tills & Sam4's cash registers.  
With full stock control & Lite versions that offer either full menu composition with product costs/ profit margins.
Product barcode scanning, till networks,  sales reporting with historical reporting by any date range you require.

ICRTouch  Windows PC based system offers full programming direct from the touch screen till itself or this can be completed using the optional back office software.
With dropdown screens, food prompts & secure staff sign-on with dallas keys.
3 levels of reports for both financial & products sold.
A visual table plan can be used in multiple dining areas to display the status of any table.